Self Help Housing and Environmental Control of Sabon Gari Mado, Jos Plateau State

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Self Help Housing, Planning, and Housing
  • Bello Muhammed Murtala, Umaru Auwalu &
  • Bolade, Bello Bashir
Journal: Journal of Environmental Sciences and Policy Evaluation Volume: 4
Number: 2 Pages: 133-164
Month: December
Self-Help Housing (SHH), is generally regarded as the alternative to conventional public housing, and is considered as the non-conventional housing policies. It is also highly desired option among the present day urban underprivileged. Governments in most developing countries are encouraging selfhelp housing. This write up attempts to investigate facts relating to self-help housing arising from urbanization, with particular reference to Sabon Gari Mado, a topic with considerable impact on policymaking. While not denying their social problems, we argue that Sabon Gari Mado in fact acts as an innovative and positive agent to promote a chaotic urban scene in present day townscape. However, current government policies towards urban regeneration have generated a wide range of interest, conflicts and confrontations. Development strategies must absolve the reality that Government should act as a monitoring agent as regards some aspects of planning, financing but total control and power to decide over housing production to the people in need of affordable shelter and organized environment,otherwise no real development would be achieved in the area of housing.