Conflicts in Africa: The Globalization Connection

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article
  • Nwinya, Stephen Chijioke
Journal: Journal of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Volume: 4
Number: 2 Pages: 34 - 56
Month: December
There are indications that the simultaneous rise in globalization and the escalation of global conflicts particularly in Africa is not merely coincidental. Rigorous analysis of the two trends exposes a necessary connection between them. Hence, this text opines that globalization is the fundamental cause of the escalation and intensification of conflicts especially in Africa. Globalization is precipitating and facilitating conflicts in Africa through imbalance in trade orchestrated by capitalistic open market economy; surreptitious cultural imperialism; usurpation of political sovereignty in the guise of promoting democratic governance and provision of easy link for various rebellious and terror groups for transfer of ideas, techniques and hardware.