Education-Economic-National Development Nexus in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Forward

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Education, National Development, Inadequate Funding, Corruption, Political Processes, Stakeholder, Human Capital, Misfunding
  • and Ndako Yahaya, Ajidani Moses Dabo
Journal: Journal of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Volume: 4
Number: 1 Pages: 79-93
Month: June
The paper focuses on the impact of education on national development in Nigeria. The paper adopted historical and impact analysis to evaluate the relationship between education economic and national development in Nigeria. It observes that the inability of the educational sector to perform well has been majorly attributed to inadequate funding, inconsistency in policy design and implementation, and the lack of transparency arising from corruption, mismanagement and misappropriation of funds meant for educational sector. The position of the paper is that there is two-way relationship between education and national development. In one way, education increase the knowledge, skills and competencies, helps to develop human capital which are necessary for economic growth and prepares people for active participation in political processes. On the other hand, national development also determines a nation’s ability to invest in its educational sector. It is therefore recommended that all stakeholders, including governments, enterprises, parents, leaders, and the general citizenry should play their expected roles in developing education in Nigeria.