A Survey of Backyard (small-scale) Heliculture Systems in Delta State, Nigeria

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Heliculture, Backyard, Snail Farming, Hatchlings, Large-scale, Achatina
  • Kperegbeyi, J.I.
Journal: Journal of Environmental Sciences and Policy Evaluation Volume: 4
Number: 1 Pages: 24-31
Month: June
This study was carried out to assess the present fundamentals of backyard heliculture farmers in Delta State, Nigeria. The survey approach was used to generate the needed data through the use of structured questionnaire. A total of 105 respondents were randomly selected from the seven L.G. Area of Delta State. The results indicate that the respondents were mostly women (79.36 %) with low level of literacy. Among the respondents (35 %) attended tertiary institutions. About 87.55 % of the snail farmers engage in the venture primarily for income generation, even though 65.10 % of them were fully engaged in other jobs with most of them 79.25 % relatively new in the snail farming business. The result also showed that major rearing facilities (66.79%) used by the respondents were wooden wall tanks with sizes varying between 1,000 cm and 15,000 cm . Major management techniques employed by the farmers included feeding, soil material facilities and the popular snail species cultured are Archachatina spp and Achatina spp solely stocked more than 50 hatchlings per cm. The major constraints observed are lack of support services particularly credit facilities and adequate extension services. However, there is an indication for Potential growth of backyard heliculture to Large Scale production from the study if government agencies are given proper attention.