Perceived Equity and Organizational Climate as Predictors of Organizational Commitment

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Perceived Equity, Organizational Climate, Organizational Commitment
  • Okonkwo Ejike A., Okoro Chinwendu M. Azike Irene N.
Journal: Journal of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Volume: 4
Number: 1 Pages: 31-41
Month: June
This study investigated perceived equity and organizational climate as predictors of organizational commitment among civil servants in Enugu urban. Sixty three (63) participants comprising 29 males and 34 females between the ages of 24 to 41 years with a mean age of (M = 33.48; SD = 5.79) were sampled using purposive sampling technique. Buchanan (1974) Organizational Commitment Scale, Smith (1976) Index of Organizational Reaction and Van Yperen (1996) Perceived Equity Scale adopted and validated by the researcher were used for data collection. A correlational design was used while multiple regression was used as statistical for data analysis. The results revealed that perceived equity and organizational climate neither jointly nor independently predicted organizational commitment at P > .05 level of significance. It was concluded that other factors than perceived equity and organizational climate might be responsible for the organizational commitment.