Post-Impact Analysis of Sediments and Macro Bottom Fauna of Osondu River, Imo State, Nigeria

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Post Impact Analysis, Macrobenthic Fauna, Osondu River, Sediments, Okigwe
  • Ogwo, I.J P.A and Okereke
Journal: Journal of Environmental Sciences and Policy Evaluation Volume: 4
Number: 1 Pages: 10-14
Month: June
Sediment characteristics and macrobottom fauna of Osondu River in Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria was sampled and analyzed. The sampling was done in January and June 2012 as part of post impact study of a massive road construction and demolition activities that took place in Okigwe. The aim of the study was to survey the river in order to determine the grain size distribution of the sediments and the associated macro fauna. Benthic macrofauna was sampled using an improvised core of cylindrical stainless steel pipe and an open iron frame with an attached net bag. Results showed that sediments consisted of mud made up of silt and clay. The macrobenthic fauna consisted of annelids, molluscs and arthropods. The diversity indices signified low density It is concluded that Osondu River is susceptible to pollution effects from construction and demolition runoffs. We therefore recommend that adequate measures be taken through legislation to regulate dumping of wastes in to the river.