The Place of Values in Man’s Quest for the Attainment of His Purpose in Life: A Critical Reflection

Research areas: Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Designer, Commonsense, Rationality, Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Ideyi, Nwabuiro
Journal: Journal of Arts, Humanities and Diplomacy Volume: 3
Number: 1 Pages: 1-22
Month: June
Man is a product of design and every design has a designer and every designer has a reason for making his or its design. Man was brought into existence by the Supreme Being who created the entire world and every being in it. Thus man is purpose –oriented being and to discover, pursue and achieve his purpose in life has been his burning desire. The purpose of this work is to let man know that his success or failure in his efforts to achieve his purpose in life depends on values he has adopted and carried a long his life journey. These values influence his thoughts, actions, habits, character and finally destiny. His destiny is a summary of what he has become in life –a success or failure. The significance of this work is that it will help anybody who is desirous to live a life of purpose to examine his or her values with a view to adopting ones that are relevant to attainment of purposes he or she is pursuing. Luckily for man, the ladder of success with four rugs: commonsense, rationality, knowledge and wisdom is his for the asking. Given the nature of the topic, methods of analysis, criticism and prescription have been adopted in order to leave no relevant stone to the issue unturned.