An Appraisal of Crime and Informal Policing In Enugu Urban

Research areas: Year: 2015
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Crime, Informal policing, Nieghbourhood Watch, Enugu Urban
  • Kanu, Ejikeme Johnson &
  • Akwu, Kingsley Chidozie
Journal: Journal of Environmental Sciences and Policy Evaluation Volume: 5
Number: 2 Pages: 29-38
Month: December
In recent times in Enugu urban, there has been an upsurge in the frequency of crime committed. The rate of car theft, kidnapping, armed robbery, drug, rape to mention but a few has been widely reported in the area. The effort of the Nigerian police in combating this increase in crime in the area lives much to be desired. This is due to the rapid urbanization, economic liberalization and migration from the north-east to the one time capital of the formal eastern region. The aforementioned has created fear among the populace as security of lives and properties can no longer be guaranteed. This has forced grassroot organizations to spring up and compensate for the deficiencies in the security provided by the Nigeria police in the area. Informal police formally known as Neighbourhood watch in Enugu is one of such grassroot organizations. They are organizations based in a local community who have the potentials to complement police efforts in ensuring security in the area. This study therefore appraises crime and informal policing in Enugu Urban. The paper argues that the activities of informal policing can help stem the tide of crime and ensure the desirable development for the people.