Pollution of the Ginzo and Tilla Streams in Metropolitan Katsina, Nigeria: A Growing Threat to the Environment

Research areas: Year: 2015
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Environment, Metropolitan Katsina, Non point source, Point source, Pollution, Stream, Threat
  • Danjuma, Kabir
Journal: Journal of Environmental Sciences and Policy Evaluation Volume: 5
Number: 2 Pages: 9-17
Month: December
In this study, point and non point sources of pollution of the Ginzo and the Tilla streams, in Katsina, a rapidly urbanizing metropolitan area of Northern Nigeria were investigated.. Physical and chemical agents were investigated by approved laboratory methods and procedures. Extensive additions of dissolved salts and other contaminants have been observed in the water sources of the area, indicating municipal, agricultaural and industrial sources of pollution resulting in an intriguing fall in the quality of the sources. Spectro-photometric methods and procedures for the evaluation of water samples were used to detect the presence of a selected number of alkaline earth elements and compounds in addition to other water quality indicators including Turbidity, Temperature, pH and Electrical conductivity. Filtration of Grab samples and microscopy were used to detect solids and pathogens in addition to other organic and inorganic sources of pollution. Samples from a number of purposively selected points were evaluated for a period of three months in April, July and October, representing rainy and dry seasons in 2014. The deteriorating conditions of the two water sources in the area have made it clear that there is the need therefore, for appropriate safeguards in order to ensure a healthy environment and for sustainable utilization. As the demands on water resources continue to rise, particularly in developing countries like Nigeria, there is an ever-increasing logic in the desirability of its management.